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Marine Interiors, Cushions & Carpet

new boat upholstery

Sunmark is the Eastside leader in custom boat upholstery and yacht upholstery. Our skilled craftsmen manufacture marine upholstery for all manner of watercraft — everything from durable hull liners to stylish boat cushions to the finest decorative yacht interiors.

new marine upholstery

If you need deck chairs, Jet Ski seats, bunk mattresses, V-berth cushions, curtains, or bench seats, call Sunmark. If you're looking for galley upholstery, railings, marine grade foam, or speed-boat interiors, call Sunmark. If the job requires it, we'll work on site.

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Boat Upholstery

Contact Sunmark if you need canvas work, boat seat cushions, new seat covers, a bimini top, helm seats, bow cushions, bunk mattresses, a cockpit cover, mooring covers, foam replacement, carpet replacement, hull liners, galley chairs, custom boat covers, or upholstery for a settee.

Stitching Techniques

There's more to marine upholstery than foam and fabric. The method of stitching, for example, can make a big difference in water resistance, performance and style.

When fabric is simply draped over the foam it's called waterfalling. This method keeps out the water, but the edges are rounded. Some people don't like that.

stitch types

Top stitching allows for crisper edges and a cleaner look. A top stitch is extremely strong, but not waterproof.

A wayward stitch is sort of like an upside down top stitch. It's not waterproof, but the seam is pointing down so it drains better. The wayward stitch is used in many marine applications.

A French stitch looks like a baseball seam. It allows the fabric to lay flat. Some like the way it looks, but it's the least water resistant stitch so you don't see it on boat decks very often.

Boat Cushions & Marine Foam

dry fast foamChoose from hundreds of fabrics, vinyls and canvas styles including a complete line of Sunbrella. Our showroom stocks tons of samples guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating boater. After consulting with you, Sunmark will find the perfect fabric and foam for any demanding marine environment. We carry dozens of foams, including Dry Fast polyurethane foam engineered to shed water and fight mold.

boat interior boat interior boat interior boat interior boat interior

canvas repair

Repair Boat Canvas

Our specially trained technicians also repair canvas and fix damaged boat cushions. If there's a tear in one of your boat seat cushions, Sunmark will reupholster the seat or match the fabric and replace the damaged section.

canvas boat cover

canvas boat cover

Hypervent Fights Condensation

hypervent paddingCondensation is often a problem inside pleasure boats. How many times have you found excessive moisture under a bunk mattress or seat cushion? Dangerous mold and mildew thrives in this sort of environment. Hypervent padding improves air circulation and helps eliminate excessive moisture on boats and yachts.

The Sunmark Standard of Excellence


sunmark Reupholstering Malibu Seats

  • boat cushion
    Reupholstered Helm Chair
  • boat cushion
    Reupholstered Helm Chair Back
  • boat cushions
    Reupholstered Helm Chair Base
  • boat cushion
    Bow Assembly
  • boat cushion
    Flawless Stitching


sunmark Reupholstering A Malibu

  • boat cushion
    Newly Reupholstered Malibu
  • boat cushion
    Newly Reupholstered Malibu


sunmark Color-Matching Boat Cushions

Not all cushions in a pleasure craft wear at the same rate. For example, if family or guests prefer sitting in the stern, those seats wear faster than cushions elsewhere. Since there's no sense reupholstering all the seats when only some are damaged, the challenge becomes choosing a vinyl that matches the color and texture of the original fabric.

It's not as easy as you may think. Take the color white, for example. White comes in scores of shades and tones. Some are a little more "blue" than others. Some appear slightly warmer. It's sort of like the difference between fluorescent tubes and standard incandescent bulbs; the light from both are "white", but you definitely notice the difference.

  • boat cushion
    Marine Grade Vinyl
  • boat cushion
    Color Matched
  • boat cushions
    Flawless Cushions

We carry hundreds of vinyls and acrylic-based marine grade fabrics. We'd be happy to suggest a color and pattern to reupholster a boat cushion, but ultimately the customer makes the choice. Whatever the choice may be, you can be sure that any boat cushion reupholstered by Sunmark will be durable and flawless.