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Dexdamp Sound Blocker

Dexdamp® is a flexible, peel and stick sheet engineered to reduce noise and vibration. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces including cars, trucks, boats and plumbing conduits. It's also used in audio systems to enhance sound.

dexdamp sound dampening sheetThe dampening material is covered with a thin aluminum foil layer which improves performance and provides a paintable, finished surface.

Dexdamp is the stickiest dampening sheet ever developed. Ordinary film adhesives can fail if the bonding surface is not perfectly clean. But, not Dexdamp. It even bonds to oily metal!

Compare Dexdamp to Dynamat®. Dexdamp not only works better, it's a greater value. Each box of Dexdamp contains 10 sheets. Each sheet is roughly a foot wide and two feet long. Drop by our showroom for a demonstration.

Upholstery Foam & Fabrics

upholstery foamWe sell quality polyurethane foam, memory foam, marine foam and latex. Since upholstery foam comes in a variety of densities, it's a good idea to drop by our fully stocked showroom.

Inspect our foam samples and consult with our upholstery craftsmen to determine what specific foam best meets your needs.

You can purchase fabrics directly through Sunmark Upholstery. We have very competitive pricing from all the fabric mills listed below. Click a company's link to view its selection of fabrics, then call us at 425-821-2400 for a price quote.

polyfoam polyfoam polyfoam

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Maintaining correct posture while driving is important. Studies show incorrect posture can lead to excessive muscle activity in the lower back along with increased pressure on ligaments and discs. Without proper lumbar support you're asking for back trouble.

lumbar support

Installing a brand new electronic lumbar support mechanism can make all the difference. Inflate and adjust the support bladder so you get the support you need; there are endless possible settings. And since it's installed under the seat cover you'll never know it's there.

Automotive Seat Heaters

If you purchased a car without seat heaters or your heating mechanism is faulty, it may be time for a premium grade after-market model. Selecting the right one is important.

seat heaterWire elements found in some heating mechanisms can easily overheat and damage a heated car seat. Ours don't have this problem. The seat warmer we install is engineered for maximum performance and safety.

Instead of wires our pads feature a carbon fiber heating element. We've found that a web of thin carbon fiber is safer and more effective than old fashioned wire panels. The density and distribution of these fine strands of carbon guarantee just the right amount of electricity for a safe, reliable heated car seat.

bedrug liners



With its ½" custom molded foam backing the VanTred provides a rugged work surface. Not only will it protect your van, it will provide impact and cargo protection and act as a heat and noise insulator.



With its ¾" custom molded foam backing the VanRug gives you the look and comfort of carpet, in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene (essentially plastic) product. That means not only will it protect your van, it will provide impact and cargo protection and act as a heat and noise insulator.

BedTred Pro Series

Bedtred pro

The BedTred system is a 5-piece zipped liner that installs with hook and loop fasteners, without damaging the truck bed. While traditional spray-in liners can quickly fade and chalk, the BedTred material is fade and UV resistant. The 1/4" thick foam is similar to that used in life jackets and will not absorb water, resisting mold and mildew.