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Custom-Built Motorcycle Seats

Sunmark builds the finest custom motorcycle seats and gel pads. After consulting with you, our skilled technicians reshape your seat platform and mold the cushion foam with a single goal in mind: a comfortable motorcycle seat engineered to compliment your body.

Comfortable Motorcycle Seats

Our custom-cut polymer gel pads are far more effective than Butt Buffers. Unlike off-the-shelf pads, our gel pads are sewn into the seat for maximum performance and comfort.

We also custom-build seats and pads for bicycles, race cars, riding mowers, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, helm seats, go-karts, fork lifts, equestrians, floors and personal seats for sporting events.

Custom-Fitted Gel Pads

Sunmark fabricates the finest quality gel pads for motorcycle seats. We also offer gel pads and cushions for those with special automotive needs.gel pads

Our custom-designed motorcycle gel pads & cushions are fabricated from sheets of a special medical polymer. This ultra-soft, shock absorbing material was invented more than 30 years ago to prevent pressure sores in patients confined to a bed or wheelchair. They're far superior to "off the shelf" gel pads. Drop by the shop and see for yourself!

motorcycle seat motorcycle seat motorcycle seat motorcycle seat

A custom-designed seat from Sunmark not only fits your body, it fits your style. You select the fabric, stitching and trim. We'll make it look any way you want. We also carry a wide variety of studs and conchos. And if you want a truly unique look, ask us about custom embroidery.

The Sunmark Standard of Excellence


sunmark Seat Heater For ATV

atv with seat heater installedYou don't see too many seat heaters on all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles. But, in frigid climates where the mercury drops below freezing in the winter, a durable seat heater makes riding more comfortable and a lot safer.

A Sunmark customer who vacations in the rugged Montana outback needed a seat heater installed on his ATV. And this is not your run-of-the-mill ATV -- instead of wheels, this one features tracks for all-season use. This ATV means business! The seat heater needed to be flexible, reliable and capable of performing in extreme conditions.

After selecting the correct heating pad, we carefully trimmed the seat foam so the pad was flush with the foam. This insured that the rider could feel the heat but not the heating mechanism. For convenience purposes, we integrated the switch into the dash.

Perhaps the trickiest part of this unique installation was the wiring. You can't have loose wiring on an ATV zooming through the trees. To prevent wires from chafing or breaking, we tightly secured the wiring conduit to the ATV's frame. Then we built a simple quick-release device so the seat could easily be removed when necessary. The customer loved it!

  • heating pad
    Pad Flush With Foam
  • heating pad
    Secure Wiring
  • power cord
    Quick Release Cord
  • heating control button
    Heating Pad Control Button Installed