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Luxury Yacht Interiors & Upholstery

Sunmark is the Eastside leader in luxury yacht upholstery. Our skilled craftsmen manufacture custom marine upholstery for all manner of watercraft — everything from sailboat interiors to the finest decorative yacht interiors.

Interior Design For Yachts

Modern yacht interiors and yacht decor present special challenges. Even on larger vessels cabin space is relatively limited. What's more, an entire deck can move and sway, especially at sea. Designing effective fastening systems and fabricating comfortable yacht interiors using high performance upholstery fabrics are among the many factors to consider when upholstering yachts.

Sunbrella® Yacht Upholstery Fabric

sunbrella marine fabric
Sunbrella® Marine Fabrics
sunbrella marine fabric
Sunbrella® Yacht Fabrics

Sunbrella® manufactures a wide selection of the finest marine and custom boat upholstery. The company's proprietary extrusion-dyed acrylic fabrics provide the rich look and feel of cotton without fading or degrading, even in blinding sunlight or extreme marine environments.

We use Sunbrella® when fabricating sailboat cabin cushions, yacht cushions, yacht seats and custom yacht interiors.

Luxury Woven Vinyl

Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl is another excellent choice for custom yacht interiors. This premier flooring is often used instead of marine carpet for high-traffic areas. It's also great for outdoor use. It's UV-stable, fade resistant and features antimicrobial technology. There are dozens of colors and patterns (below).

boat interior boat interior boat interior boat interiorboat interior

Hypervent Fights Condensation on Yachts

hypervent paddingCondensation is often a problem in a marine environment. How many times have you found excessive moisture under a bunk mattress or seat cushion?

Dangerous mold and mildew thrives in this sort of environment. Hypervent padding improves air circulation and helps eliminate excessive moisture on yachts.

Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl & Canvas

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