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Upholstery Foam For Boats & Furniture

Do you need foam for cushions, boat seats or furniture? Selecting the right foam is not always a slam dunk. There are all kinds of foam. Characteristics such as density, surface feel, surface firmness and firmness retention make a big difference in comfort and durability.

foam sizesCount on the experts at Sunmark to help you choose the right foam for any of your projects. If you need sofa foam, foam for couch cushions, or foam cut to size, give us a call.

Polyurethane Foam

Standard foam is made from polyurethane. Manufacturers adjust the chemistry of the foam to achieve a desired strength, comfort level and durability. Most polyurethane foam is durable and elastic, so it's an ideal cushioning material for furniture.

Foam Depth & Density

We only sell superior quality polyurethane foam. It's available in a range of depths and densities. Soft foams are assigned lower numbers, stiffer foams have higher numbers.

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HR45 and HR33 are considered standard density upholstery foam. HR45 provides support without sacrificing comfort. It's the style of foam most commonly found in sofas and chairs. Some prefer HR33 because it's a little bit softer. Most boat owners favor HR33 for custom made bunk mattresses since its got a little more give.

marine foamMarine Foam

Dry Fast Marine Foam is engineered to keep cushions dry. Thanks to its extra large cell structure, water drains quickly from any cushion made with Dry Fast.

Natural & Synthetic Latex

Latex is different than polyurethane foam. Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees in the tropics. It’s bio-degradable, and naturally resists bacteria, mold & mildew.

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Chair Foam & Foam For Seats

Latex can be an excellent choice for folks in search of a more organic lifestyle. But, because it’s made from naturally occurring raw materials, natural latex deteriorates at a faster rate that its synthetic cousin. It's also much more expensive. For those reasons, we do not sell natural latex foam.

latex foamSynthetic latex is manufactured from petroleum products and naturally occurring tree resin. It’s more durable, but doesn’t have the feel of natural latex.

Blended latex is pretty much what you’d expect; a combination of natural and synthetic latex. Lots of people prefer this product because it’s comfortable, durable and much more environmentally friendly. There are various "flavors" of blended latex. Their properties vary based on the ratio of natural to synthetic components.

foam wrap

Instead of latex or blended latex, we recommend using polyurethane foam. The experts at Sunmark Upholstery will help you select the one that's right for your car, furniture or boat.