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Thermostat Controlled Seat Heaters

seat heater
Installed Under Seat Cover
Sunmark's car seat heaters provide all the features you'd expect from an OEM heated seat cover: convenience, adjustable comfort levels and durability. Feel warm in seconds. A thermostat in each heated car cushion ensures quick, evenly distributed heat.

Aftermarket Seat Warmer

seat heater controlsThe carbon fiber heat generating panels can be cut to fit virtually any automotive seat. They conduct and channel electricity safely, which allows for even heat distribution. The felt construction of the woven panels ensures that the seat warmer will not break down or tear apart with use. Extensive occupant testing has demonstrated the safety, flexibility and strength of these heated car cushions.


Adjustable Lumbar Support

If you suffer lower back pain while driving, our fully adjustable lumbar support system may provide relief. Made from heavy-duty polypropylene, these inflatable support pads are easy to use and much more durable than standard rubber bladders.

lumbar support

The advanced pneumatic lumbar support is designed to encourage an anatomically correct seating posture while driving. Improved posture makes driving safer and more comfortable. When properly adjusted, our lumbar support pillow eases stress on the upper body, lower back and pelvis.

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DexDamp Soundproofing Cuts Noise

DexDamp is a flexible, peel and stick sheet which can be applied to a variety of surfaces to reduce vibration and noise. The damping material is covered with a sturdy layer of aluminum foil. The foil improves performance and provides a paintable, finished surface.

DexDamp Soundproofing

DexDamp's super adhesion and conformability results in maximum surface contact, critical for high performance sound damping. Now available at Sunmark, DexDamp is a proven, cost-effective way to reduce ambient noise.